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Using quick bid for roof estimates

Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software Using Quick Bid for Roof Estimates On the RoofCalcWriter toolbar click this button to open Quick Bid We have improved Quick Bid in this version to allow saving items you use on every job or use often. Enter your items and prices and …

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Copy roofing price per square

hip roof Computation of their area

Using Roof Calculator Price From the Job Cost grid click this button: Example: We will click the roofing price per square blue buttons in the columns titled 30yr Comp and 40yr comp. Notice the results below. The headings “30yr Comp” and “40yr Comp” were copied. The prices 136.32 and 153.15 …

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Roof Calculator pop up helper windows

Using Roof Calculator, Roof Bidding Software Roof Pop-Up Calculators We have added many helpful calculators to aid in entering data. Different screens use different roof calculators. Main Screen Calculators From the main screen you can access 2 calculators. This addition roof calculator is for calculating extras and is opened from …

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Create a roofing work order

Create a Roofing Work Order You can create a work order from both price per pricing and detail pricing by clicking this button Create your work order by adding items from your Create a roofing or typing directly into the roofing material list. Your printed work order will look like …

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Roofing sheet metal lip bender

Using Roof Calculator, Roof Bidding Software Hand Held Portable Roofing Sheet Metal Lip Bender This 18″ Sheet Metal Lip Bender is the easiest way to bend a lip on sheet metal For folding sheet metal with a uniform fold Suggested Uses: Make counter flashings for brick chimneys and stucco Bend …

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Roofing grid terminology

Roofing Grid Terminology Grids have column headings, titles, cells, columns and rows The grid listed below is the Roof Calculator Pitch and Waste Grid. It displays totals of the numbers you have entered. The totals are updated as you enter your estimate numbers for Roof area, Hips, Top Ridges, Rakes, …

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Roof bid number details

Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bid Number Details Form Compare this report to your written numbers To open the number details window click this tool bar button The Number Details window holds all of the individual numbers you have entered. These numbers are exact duplicates of the numbers you have …

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Roof Calculator Writer Program updates

Using Roof Calculator and Bidding Software Roof estimating software updates You must be connected to the internet to check for or get program updates. Program updates provides an excellent way to keep your roofing estimating software up to date with the latest features and fixes.   You must be connected …

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