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Roof calculator pitch and waste details

Roof Calculator and Roof Pitch and Waste Details

Click this toolbar button to open your pitch and waste reporting window The Calc Details window shows details of the totals of roof measurements you have entered. You can drag this window to any position and it will be remembered.

Closing this grid will not loose it’s data.
This grid displays the totals of your calculations.
Also show waste for valleys, hips and/or rakes and added to your squares.
The top row is a total of your roof area measurements with pitch added + 5% for waste.
The 3977.70 is the total of your actual roof measurements.

The Sub-Total is 3977.70 x 1.08 = 4295.92 = pitch has been added for 5/12 pitch.
The waste is 4295.92 / .95 (Divisor) = 4522.02. If you do not want to add for waste then enter 100 as the divisor.
The amount column are totals of numbers you have entered.
The pitch amount column shows the decimal amount added for the roof pitch selected.
The Ft added column shows how many feet are added for pitch.

The sub-Total column shows the new total with pitch added.
The valley, hip and rake waste is optionally determined by the numbers you enter into Options.
The waste column applies to Roof Area Square Feet you have entered in job cost divisor column.

Enter any number less than 100 to account for waste. Here we have entered 95 amounting to 5% waste.

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