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Roof Calculator Writer new features

Roof Calculator Writer New Features

We have added many new features to the Roof Calculator program. We view the Roof Calc as never being finished.

The features listed here are the main new features

  • Now fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8
  • New create fully text formatted html emails
  • Insert embedded pictures into emails
  • New easy to use email program
  • All new and fully illustrated context sensitive help file
  • Emailed documents are saved under customer name and address
  • Ability to backup data files to and from a Usb flash drive
  • Automatically backup bid & data files as they are created
  • Send comments, ideas, dislikes directly thru our server
  • Option to check for program updates on program start
  • New detail pricing mode for users who want to produce bids by entering individual items for materials, labor and subcontract
  • Ability to get an online map to the address listed in your bid. (Choose from 3 map providers)
  • Ability to get an online weather report (Choose from 3 weather providers)
  • Ability to get program updates to always have the latest software features with just a button click
  • Ability to add waste to your squares for valleys, hips and rakes
  • Ability to round your material units up to the next full unit
  • Ability to your round your bid prices up to the next full dollar
  • Ability to round your total squares up to the next full square
  • Ability to create and print a detail work order in price per square or detail pricing mode
  • Two new fields have been added to the address book and the ability to get an online map to the address selected
  • New keyboard shortcuts for every task
  • email documents Ability to Email documents created with just a couple clicks
  • Quick bid In this release we made improvements to allow adding and saving items to be used over and over Use it when entering roof measurements is un-needed (Dry-rott, etc) or for storing extras
  • Improved printing layouts Prints all your grids including individual numbers
  • Send an email containing a copy of your bid prices in the email message with Just a button click. This button adds the prices add roof prices to your email body.
  • Context sensitive help Pressing F1 Opens help to the topic information linked to the control that you have selected
  • Recent file list To conviently open the last files you have worked on
  • Choose your printer from a list printers installed on your system
  • New menus