Roof Trusses

What is roof truss calculator?

What is roof truss?

During construction or renovation usually, roof trusses are fabricated from wood and frame house roofs. To construct the rest of the roof there are different types of trusses to support all the other materials. They provide support and distribute the load to the exterior walls. There are different types of trusses that are commonly used.

Different types roof truss

Bowstring roof trusses

Usually, bowstring trusses are large and arched. Just like aircraft hangars and warehouses buildings have a weight that is supported by the bowstring trusses of the roof. These types of buildings need little open space. With metal sheets or other materials for the outside roof, there are multiple beams that build an arch. From such types of roofs, water runs off easily. For other types of trusses, there is actually no need for a ridge cap.

Duel pitched trusses

The design of the standard triangular truss is like two sides slope up to the apex that is of the above along with the struts that are leading down from it. To make up the base of the triangle they are attached to a horizontal beam. Struts are also known as upper chords. These upper chords are of various lengths. It makes the off-center apex. For support, this allows plenty of unobstructed open space by poles.

Gambrel Trusses

In appearance, gambrel trusses are just like the barn roofs. Generally, there are two types of upper chords. One is longer than the other. Just like the dual pitch variety, they meet at the apex of the truss. There is sufficient space for the living room because of the steep sides. This can be used as an attic for storage purpose. To include an upper floor under the roof a gambrel roof truss allows this for your home. For large windows, there is also an extra room that has a brighter and attractive appearance inside the room.

Why is roof trusses needed?

In the early days, housing construction roofs are made of cheap methods of old building. For a specific building, this is an expert choice to choose the best from the various types of roof trusses. You have to choose to depend upon the requirements and needs. But after few years they began to collapse or even break due to the natural environment, in which rain is the main problem. There are different roofing methods that are actually made for the lasting of the roofs. A roof truss is a designed that can be suitable for any houses and it protects your roof. A truss is more durable and energy efficient than other roofing methods.

Roof Truss Calculator

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