Select the best Roof Trusses and range it up within your budget amount

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Now-a-days people are too much concerned about their safety. That is why you need to have the best possible roof truss, to get installed in your home. It basically includes a structure, which has more than multiple triangular units, which have straight, slender members with their ends connecting nodes.

There are different types of Roof Trusses of wooden and steel trusses are available in the market place. Through the help of this article, you will find out some of the most popular and distinct features each consist. Best roof trusses and range it up within your budget amount.

The King Post:

In this truss, the reactions take place only in the node area as the force from the external sources. The combination of this truss is both applicable to metal and wood. The whole point comes down from the architect and building up the house structure. The length of this King Post Trusses is up to 8m and it very relevant for multiple layer houses especially the smaller ones.

Opt for Queen Post:

The truss is very reliable kind of with its simple and versatile designs and this roof truss, which you can use at any moment of time. The span is very good around 10m and with its simple design that makes it perfect for any wide range of establishments.

Prefer old method:

If you have a preference for getting the design of older houses then North Light Roof truss is the best choice for you. It is basically suitable for larger spans that go over 20m and get up to extend 30m. The material is much cheaper in nature, and to add any kinds of truss that has much wider that contains larger set of lattice girders that includes support trusses.

This method is most economical that you will find in the market place, it allows proper ventilation as well. The resistance in the roofing is also very high, for this kind of truss.

If you are searching for roof trusses that bring more durability and versatility this method or the truss is better to check out. Can be used in various purposes like in industrial buildings, and can be used for drawing rooms and in some general places that consists larger spaces.


  1. We’ve been planning to replace our roof, but I cannot decide for the right materials. We’ve got a wooden roof at the moment and am thinking of replacing it with metal. I really need a certified and well-respected roofing company. Can you please help me on this?

  2. Tyler Meredith

    It’s interesting to read about two of the different styles of roof trusses, the King Post and Queen Post. I am looking to have the roof on my barn rebuilt to be more reliable and I think choosing the right type of truss is important. I’ll have to remember that the Queen Post is generally really reliable and versatile for different sizes, etc. Thanks for the post, it’s been very informational.

  3. I had no idea there were so many methods for building trusses. I think it is important to analyze your home before making a decision so you are educated. I would consult your contractor if you are using one as well. Thanks roofgenius