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Roof Pitch Calculator

Roof Pitch Calculator Why ?
(Also referred to as roof slope or roof angle)
Adding for roof pitch is needed if you are measuring your roof from the ground or measuring roof blueprints

You can determine how many squares you will need by the square footage of floor plans by adding overhangs,and porches (single stories only, no basements) Although this method is not real accurate

Determine how much roofing you need by using this pitch calculator in 2 easy steps
1. Enter your roofing square feet
2. Select your roof pitch

(Valid entries 100 to 90,000)


Your roof area is 3500 sq feet Your Roof Pitch is 6/12 pitch
Your Output
Multiplier 0.12
Feet added for pitch = Multiplier x 3500 = 420 sq feet
Total = 3500 + 20 = 3920
Total Squares = 3920 / 100 = 339.20 squares

Roof Pitch to Angle Calculator
(enter pitch in the first box – calculation is automatic)

Roof Span: ft. in. Roof Rise: ft. in.

Roof Pitch = / 12¨

Calculation of the pitched roof

Pitch has got two different meanings. It has two different meanings when roof is considered. Generally, people use it to mention the steepness of the roof. Some use slope for the steepness and use pitch to describe the overall dimension.

How to calculate pitched roof

A correct way is measuring from the bottom of the roof. As there is no roofing substance to make the surface irregular this is considered to be the most suitable way for the calculation of the roof pitch. Next, one end of the carpenter’s level is placed against the base of the rafter. The level is then to be adjusted until the bubble is centered. The 12-inch mark on the level is to be found out. A tape can be used for this function. The vertical distance is to be measured to the rafter from the level. Finding the slope is the next task which can be a difficult one. The slope of the roof is the ratio of vertical distance to the horizontal distance. The vertical distance is called the rise and the horizontal distance is called the run.

Another way

Another method to calculate the roof pitch is to measure the slope from the roof surface. For this measurement, a point has to be kept in mind that to guarantee the safety to walk on the roof. Safety measures are to be taken and any person should not take this risk if the roof is found to be wet or icy or even with any kind of damages. The best time to walk on the roof is when the sun is out. Clean shoes or sneakers should be worn for this task. Measurement from the rake board is to be considered. Next 12 inches is to be measured on a carpenter’s level the length is to be marked. Positioning the level is the next task. One end is to be placed against the roof. During this, a person can sit to minimize slipping conditions. Next, the vertical distance is to be measured from roof to the level. After that, the slope of the roof is to be measured. The slope is the ratio of vertical distance over a horizontal distance.

Those are the ways by which pitch of the roof can be calculated. Nowadays various calculators are available making the task easy.