Roofing Calculator

Roofing Calculator

Roof Pitch Calculator

The roofing calculator is usually a web-based tool that helps people who wish to build homes save time and people who desire to change their roofs save money. There is no time wasted since owners no longer need to personally meet with a professional contractor to help them measure the roof specs of their houses.

They would also save money since they will no longer need to spend for a professional calculator. And though the roofing calculator can be done by the home owner himself, who may have little knowledge about roofs, it can still derive reasonably accurate measurements and give its users a guarantee that they will not be ordering roofing materials in excess.

What is Roofing Calculator?

Roof Pitch to Angle Calculator
(enter pitch in the first box – calculation is automatic)

Roof Span: ft. in.Roof Rise: ft. in.

Roof Pitch = / 12¨

Roofing calculator is a tool which is obtainable on the web for the precise calculation of the materials needed to develop a new roof or to renovate the old roof. This Roofing Calculator tool is extremely useful as it saves time and cash. You do not have to search for the specialists in roofing and employ their solutions to get the precise measurement of the roof and discover out the precise quantity of materials needed for the roof. The roofing calculator provides all the info and the owner can do it on-line.
The rough thought about the form of the roof and the measurement info thought will do the trick and the owner does not have to be a roofing professional but to get the correct feedback you have to feed in some fundamental correct measurements that will assist the roofing calculator to offer the info about the precise price and materials needed for renovation or for creating a new roof.

what Roof Pitch Degrees

About Measuring Your Roofing Calculator

To measure a roof properly with Roofing Calculator  you have to know the fundamentals about the form of the roof. It is simple to measure a flat poof, but for a slanting roof you have to measure the slope which is recognized as the pitch and the distance in between the centers of the roof to the outer finish which is known as the run. The greatest way to get the precise measurement with out climbing the ladder with a measuring device is to calculate according to the measurement offered in the blue print.


But do not be concerned if you are weak in mathematics it is not a large issue as there are numerous websites on the web which act as roofing calculators and the measurement is carried out by them automatically by feeding in some fundamental particulars about your roof which can be obtained from your roof strategy. The Roofing Calculator can also be utilized to estimate the precise quantity of paint or coating needed for the roof.


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