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  • Price Per Square or Detail Pricing

    Using Roof Calcultor Writer Roof Bidding Software Per Square Pricing or Detail Pricing ? If you want to create a precise bid right down to the penny then use detail pricing. If you want to create a faster bid, then use per square pricing. Both…

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  • New roof calculator writer

    New Roof Calculator Writer We have improved all our programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and your total price is produced. Click another button and produce…

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  • Roof Calculator Classy Writer new features

    Creating Roof Calculator Documents New Features We have added many new features to aid in creating Custom Proposals, Invoices, Change Orders and letters. Screen Capture Camera. Get pictures from anywhere to enter into your documents. Print Preview See how it looks before printing. Quick Squares…

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  • How roofing squares are totaled

    How Roof Calculator Writer Totals Roofing Squares A square is always 100 square feet. Total squares applies to Per square pricing mode. Total squares are calculated like this: Roof Area squares + Ridge squares + Starter squares = Total Squares Ridge squares are calculated like…

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  • Roof calculator ideas recommendations

    Roofing ideas, Recommendations, Wish-List We are always trying to make our roof estimating software better and easier to use. If you have any comments, ideas, recommendations, dislikes or whatever, feel free to let us know. We have provided a form for this purpose. The comments…

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  • Print roof calculator writer

    Printing your roof estimate To print your roof estimate click the print icon on the toolbar Your printed estimate will look similar to the example below: Compare the Number Details grid to your written estimate as a safety check Notice the following: We are adding…

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  • Roofing bid helper window

    Using Roof Calculator Roof Bidding Software Roofing Bid Data Entry Helper Windows (Work Order) Helper windows are pop-up screens that aid in entering data when making a roofing bid Roofing Work Order Helper Window From the Material List Grid you can select a cell in…

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  • Roof calculator grid viewer

    Using RoofCalcWriter Roof CalcWriter grid viewer The cell viewer aids you in entering data into the Roofing Job Cost Grid. Open the cell viewer by clicking the icon on the Job Cost Grid. Cell information window can be dragged to any position and it will…

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