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What is a Green Roof?

What is a green Roof

What is a green Roof and its benefits? Are you looking to construct a green roof on your house? If this is so, then you must understand what is a green roof? A green roof is a type of roof, where you can do plantationof different trees and flowers. There are two main …

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Green Roof Layers

green roof layers

Green Roof Layers and Systems You can see that now days, green roofs are becoming more popular with every passing day. As more and more people starting understanding the benefits of green roofs they are looking to install one on their house. The biggest advantage that you can get by …

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Different types of green roofs

Maintenance Green Roof

If you are considering remodeling an existing roof or installing a new one on your newly constructed home, then there are many options available for you. One of the best options among all others is to go for green roof. It will not only look beautiful on your house, but …

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Benefits of Green Roofs

benefits green roofs

Benefits of Green Roofing, usually conventional roofing is planned to discharge water as early as possible from the roof plane. On the other hand, green roof, in reality, seizes the water on the roof plane. For this purpose, the installation charges, as well as the maintenance cost of the green roof, …

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Install Green Roofs for saving the Environment

Setup Green Roofs for saving

Numerous buildings that include industrial set ups are currently growing plants on top of the roof. It puts in to the feeling of aesthetics while also contributing to the surroundings. Plants as well as bushes are grown above water resistant sheaths above the roof. This helps in protecting the walls …

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Pros and Cons of Green Roofs

pros and cons of green roofs

Green roofs are known by more than a few names that include eco-roof living roof. Centuries have passed since they started being built on top of buildings. Numerous nations across the world feature green roof subsidies programs for the promotion of eco-roofs. Farm house constructions with sod covered tops have …

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Why Green Roofs just trend?

green roof build

The inclination towards construction of green roofs has been softly developing in the key cities about the earth from the time of the 1960’s. In spite of green roofing being a rather common phenomena in Europe, It’s just started gaining industry recognition in USA through the past years with individuals, …

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Maintenance of Green Roof

Maintenance Green Roof

Building and Maintenance of Green Roof Maintenance of Green roofs is extremely reasonably priced and efficient against aggressive climatic conditions. It’s Building and maintenance isn’t as complicated as it’s believed to be. It does not just preserve water proofing membrane and also does its job for a precise length of …

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