Green Roof

Different types of green roofs

Why Green Roof House

If you are considering remodeling an existing roof or installing a new one on your newly constructed home, then there are many options available for you. One of the best options among all others is to go for green roof. It will not only look beautiful on your house, but also increase its monetary value.

There are different types of green roofs also but these can be combined to together to make one too. Mostly if you are looking to have to green roof house for single family you should go for extensive green roof. This is one of the most built roof types and requires very less maintenance as compare to others, so it can be a good addition to your home exterior. These extensive roofs are also known for their self sustainability because these require very less maintenance.

Install of Green Roof

Before you move on with installing the extensive roofs, you have to make sure that waterproofing components are in place on your roof so that you won`t face this issue after installation of green roof. After this you can place the soil. You should also be careful and consider the structural strength of your house before putting up the soil otherwise your structure may get damaged if it becomes overweight. For this you can take help from some building experts who can tell you about the roof weight your structure can bear.

Setup Green Roofs for saving
Setup Green Roofs for saving

The soil you put for extensive green roof house should not be more than six inches, as this is ideal for growing shallow rooted plants.

Once you place soil on your roof and plant small plants you will find the need for air conditioning becomes very less. The reason is that the plants that you have just planted started breathing like normal tress that is on ground. Sun light is not getting direct access to your roof surface which will also reduce inside temperate in your house. Further evaporation factor during summers can also lead to cooling effect to your house.

Another advantage that you will find with green roof house is that animals and birds start visiting your place more often. You can see that these creatures love greenery so you can also get the pleasure from them, as these will provide you with entertainment and variety of moment around.

Setup Green Roof

If you are living in an area where there are extreme summers then this green roof house will be the best option as it can absorb the direct sunlight and keeping your rooms cooler. If you think that you have the required expertise to install a green roof, then you can do it yourself because this is a great fun project, but if you think that you may not execute it in a professional manner then it’s better to take help from any professional company.

They can install a green roof on your house with precision. Further you will also get rid of any sort of worries that you may have to face while constructing it yourself.


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