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You can see that now days, green roofs are becoming more popular with every passing day. As more and more people starting understanding the benefits of green roofs they are looking to install one on their house. The biggest advantage that you can get by installing these roofs is that it will increase the lifespan of your roofs as well as provide protection from severe heat and cold.

This is because the green roof has various layers that act as protective sheet. These lawyers allow the plantation process becomes successful. Following are the green roof layers that you must install for better result.

  • Plants
  • Growing Medium
  • Filter Cloth
  • Drainage Layer
  • Root Barrier
  • Membrane
green roof layers
green roof layers

All these layers work in a cycle to provide protection to your property as well as allow healthy growth for plants. Installing green roof layers will not only make your home look beautiful but also keep it warmer which will help you in reduction of electricity cost that you have to spend on heating bills.

Knowing about green roof layers

Every green roof layer is different from other; you must understand each layer so to know what function that it actually performs. Following is brief information about each layers function.

Plant: Plant layer is used to provide biodiversity for your roof. Further it ensures that you will get extra oxygen for your family. It addition to this It will also absorb the direct light and heat from the sun to keep your home cooler.

Growing Medium: This layer make sure that you are having an appropriate area for growing plants. This layer takes special importance when you have uncongenial or extreme roof type. This layer basically blends the mixture effectively.

Filter Cloth: This layer is used as an extension to drainage layer. The basic purpose of this layer is to help in removing clog and surplus organic substance from drainage.

Drainage Layer: This is one of the most important among green roof layers. It makes sure that nothing important should get through it expect the excessive water. It is very important to remove excessive water from the roof, so that the roof may not be overweight as well as you don`t face the waterlogging problem.

Root Barrier: It is a layer that protects the membrane underneath, so that roots may not penetrate or pierced it. This will keep the system in shape for a longer period without any changes or adjustments.

So these are the green roof layers that are mostly used for construction of green roof. If you understand these well and know the process of laying these layers then you can easily take up this task yourself, otherwise it is highly recommended to hire a professional contractor, who may help you in installing these layers.

It is important to build these accurately, because otherwise you may have leakage or drainage problems, both are not good for your overall building structure and can damage it badly which you have to repair frequently.


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