Green Roof

What is a Green Roof?

What is a green Roof and its benefits?

Are you looking to construct a green roof on your house? If this is so, then you must understand what is a green roof? A green roof is a type of roof, where you can do plantationof different trees and flowers. There are two main types of green roofs, extensive green roof and intensive green roof. Both these roofs are used by different people as per their requirements and choice.

Extensive green roofs require less maintenance so it is preferred over intensive roofs, but if you wanted to have a beautiful garden on your roof, then you must go for intensive roof. If you are still confused about green roof and its advantages then you should read below.

Green Roof Garden

What is a green Roof
What is a green Roof

The biggest advantage derived from green roof garden is that it can increase your roof lifespan. This is because green covering on your roof don`t allow heat, and other related elements to damage your roof surface. It can protect your surface from the adversities of rain water too.

Green Roof Garden Energy Efficiency

The second advantage that you may get with green roof garden is its energy efficiency. These green roofs help with insulation, which leads to lowering down the temperature of your house, which leads to less air conditioning, and saving your electricity bills.

Install Green roof

Another advantage that you may get by installing green roof garden is that it can filter the air; hence you will get better quality air. Further with the help of green roof you can make more oxygen and control dust and smog.

Rainwater management
If there are lots of rain in your area, then this green roof garden can also help you in rainwater management. It can retain water in peak run time, therefore, allow easy drainage.

Your roof top garden can attract a lot of wildlife to your place. So this way you can see a variety of birds and other wildlife on your roof.

So these are some of the main benefits that you can get by installing green roof garden on your roof. One thing that you have to be careful before planning the installation of a roof garden is that you have to do it in a professional way, otherwise if you think that you cannot able to install it properly then you must hire the services of professionals.

This is important because if you cannot be able to install it properly, then you may face leakage and drainage problem. Both can cause big damage not only to your roof garden, but also to your building structure.
So think well before constructing a roof garden yourself, because if it’s not properly installed then you may face difficulties rather than getting advantages that you have in mind from your garden.

So plan well, and make preparations accordingly for proper execution. You can take help from online sources to get know the steps involved in installing green roof garden. So don`t worry start with confidence and follow steps properly.


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