Green Roof

Pros and Cons of Green Roofs

Green roofs are known by more than a few names that include eco-roof living roof. Centuries have passed since they started being built on top of buildings. Numerous nations across the world feature green roof subsidies programs for the promotion of eco-roofs. Farm house constructions with sod covered tops have been a feature of Scandinavia since long.

Several US cities are branded for having living roofs and among such buildings is the City Hall building in Chicago.

Garden Green Roofs

Essentially green roof is a form of having vegetation and which is a medium for growth. It is going to cost much more than a regular roofing application of asphalt shingle. The price of Rooftop gardens is also dependent on the nature of green roof set up. There’re quite a few differences that a green roof has compared to a number of applications that could or could not be classified as such a roof, an example of which is the container garden green roofs.

pros and cons of green roofs
pros and cons of green roofs

The added costs are dependent on the underside of the preliminary building. They could necessitate added support in view of the fact that green roofs are going to weigh more compared to conventional asphalt roofs. Yet a roof already having concrete/ clay roofing material could be sufficiently strong for supporting a weightier roof. The added cost for each sq. ft. has numerous variables and thus the estimation of a precise price isn’t really a possibility. It may well differ by an amount of $8 to above $25 for each sq. ft.

Green Roofs Disadvantage

A number of drawbacks of the rooftop gardens happen to be that they are pricier to set up. Preservation is also able to be pricey for the more exhaustive varieties. A few necessitate access for preservation and as that must be provided the costs go up. The weather is always a factor. A venture in Palm Springs is going to have diverse maintenance issues when compared a venture in Minnesota that must withstand frosty temperatures. In view of the fact that eco-roofs lie exposed to seasons just as garden/ lawns do they are not going to stay an eye-catching tint of green all year round.

Green Roofs Pros

The pros are a great deal stronger. A verified fact is that such roofs lessen heating and cooling charges. They make grand insulation. They magnetize insects and additional animals. They aid in controlling any water overspill. They also clear out water falling to the earth. They could diminish replacement roofing charges with green growth protecting against detrimental damage caused by the sun.


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