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In today’s fast moving world most of you must be focussing on safety and security of your house. This is quite obvious too. As you all know that safe and security is the first and foremost priority.

What is the new concept?

The concept of roof truss means that it is basically a structure which includes one or more triangular units. As you must know that the exterior structure of a building should be strong enough to protect a house. Hence the emergence of roof trusses is really a wonderful one. It is a awesome invention.

Types of roof trusses

There are many types of trusses found in modern times. King post truss is one such type of truss which is made of wood, but sometimes it is made of steel. The length of this type of truss is fund in a span of about 8m that is perfect for building various types of houses. Queen post truss is also a very reliable type of truss which comes in a span of about 10m. Howe truss is another type of truss which is designed with steel and wood. They look really very elegant and beautiful. Pratt truss is another type of truss made of steel. It is indeed very economical. They can be used in a span of 6-10m.


all types of roof trusses

Utility of the modified form of roof:

This type of structures is very important and vital for support. If you consult with a roof specialist or contractor then he can advise you in a correct way as to which type of truss is perfect for your house. Only he will be the ideal person who can guide you in a proper way. He can also suggest you which of the truss can be within the budget. In fact the idea of this type of trusses has helped the entire concept of construction in a new way. In fact it has created a new dimension of construction. Trusses have bought abrupt changes in the construction world. Whether it is a bridge or a house trusses can be the most reliable one for building purpose.


  1. Wow, I had no idea that there were so many different types of trusses! It’s good to know that a roof specialist or a contractor can help me determine which truss type will be best for my needs. I’m looking to have a garage built, and I want some storage space in the attic. I’ll definitely check with a contractor to see if the open plan truss type is right for me.

  2. I want to build a barn and the roof seems to be quite complicated. I didn’t know there are so many options like the storage options vs the gambrel style. It’s something to keep in mind because I’d like to have a stylish roof truss that offers some sort of utility in terms of storage or racking.

  3. Leviticus Bennett

    Thanks for posting that great trusses chart with all the different types of roofs. I’m building a small little tree house for my nephews and was wondering how I should do the roof. Now I have a lot of different options to choose from when doing the framework.