Hip Roof

The Hip Roof, its ridge and rafters and its framing

Hip Roof

Among the couple of trendiest roof designs, hip roofs if not trendiest are a design. It does not stop at adding architectural lines to a house’s design, but also presents additional defence from the natural elements to windows, walls, and doors, on being framed with a liberal overhang. It moreover lends additional to the constructional veracity of a residence with its supports binding to every four corners and wall of the construction.

Hip Roof vs. Gable Roof

A hip roof can be termed somewhat more intricate for framing compared to a gable roof. Above and the ridge board, the gable roof features just universal rafters as its solitary components. The constituents of a hip roof happen to be the common rafters, ridge board, jack rafters, and hip rafters.

This roof doesn’t always feature the ridge board. On the building being a square with every four wall being of the identical length, there is not going to be a ridge and the roof’s going to bear a resemblance to a pyramid. At the time of the cutting of the universal, jack and hip rafters, it is necessary that their lengths be determined by the use of a calculator/ rafter table paperback. The measurement of the ridge lengthwise is determinable by the subtraction of the breadth of the structure from its length.

Different Types of Roof click zoom

Different Types of Roof
Different Types of Roof

As an instance, on the building being 30 x 24 the ridge’s going to be 6 feet lengthwise. On the ridge board having a thickness of 1 1/2″ 1 1/2″ requires being put in to the length of the ridge. The reason is that every common rafter is made shorter by 50% the ridge’s breadth/3/4″. This will let the apex of the universal rafters to stay in line with the apex of the ridge at ell ends.

Hip Roof Framing

At the time of framing of such a roof, the starting point must always be the universal rafters. This is going to position the ridge in the appropriate location. The framing of this piece of the roof bears resemblance to a gable roof. However, this is where the similarity comes to an end.

Get started by nailing universal rafters on a face of the ridge at every end. Presently move up the ridge and proceed to nail a couple of rafters on the additional side of the ridge facing the first couple of rafters.


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