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  • Roof Calculator 7 estimate Writer

    Roof Calculator  Estimate Classy Writer We have improved all our programs and put them into one package. Get a material list by entering a few numbers. A couple clicks enters your predefined price per square and your total price is produced. Click another button and…

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  • Composition shingles ridge on rakes

    Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software Roof Ridge On Rakes The ridge on rakes has become very popular and is specific to composition shingles. If the Ridge on Rakes checkbox is checked your rake feet will be added to your ridge feet. The benefits:…

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  • Roof Calculator Writer document manager

    Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software Using Document Manager Document manager overview A document is a Proposal, Invoice, Change Order, Letter or Certification As with all of our programs you click rather than type. Click the Proposal icon Add from Job Cost to copy…

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  • Adding roof pitch

    How Roof Pitch is Totaled How Roof calculator Writer adds roof pitch If you are climbing on roofs and measuring the actual roof you will not need to add for pitch. If you are measuring from the ground or measuring roof plans you will need…

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  • Discontinued roof estimating software

    Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software We have discontinued Classy Writer and Roof Calculator as stand alone software programs effective  and combined it into Roof Calculator Writer For customers who purchased these programs we will continue support indefinitely. Why ? 99% of purchases have…

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  • Using roof templates

    Using Roof Templates We have provided a few templates for example. You can rename, edit or delete these templates. Using templates allows you to make pre-determined roofing material types with different material quantity needs. We have provided a few templates for example. You can rename,…

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  • Using quick bid for roof estimates

    Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software Using Quick Bid for Roof Estimates On the RoofCalcWriter toolbar click this button to open Quick Bid We have improved Quick Bid in this version to allow saving items you use on every job or use often. Enter…

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  • hip roof Computation of their area

    Copy roofing price per square

    Using Roof Calculator Price From the Job Cost grid click this button: Example: We will click the roofing price per square blue buttons in the columns titled 30yr Comp and 40yr comp. Notice the results below. The headings “30yr Comp” and “40yr Comp” were copied.…

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