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  • Roof Calculator Program Overview

    Roof Calculator Software Roof Calculator Writer Description Roof calculator + Classy Writer + Price per Square combined into one program. You can use all the features of Roofcalculator to calculate your numbers and all the features of Classy Writer to produce custom Roofing Proposals, Invoices,…

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  • Managing your roofing price list

    Using Roof Calculator and Roof Bidding Software Managing Your Roofing Price List We have added many helpful calculators to aid in entering data. Different screens use different calculators. The Price List we have provided is for example only . Replace with your roofing material descriptions…

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  • Roof calculator pitch and waste details

    Roof Calculator and Roof Pitch and Waste Details Click this toolbar button to open your pitch and waste reporting window The Calc Details window shows details of the totals of roof measurements you have entered. You can drag this window to any position and it…

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  • Roof calculator helper windows

    Using Roof Calculator , Roofing Bid Data Entry Helper Windows (Main Screen) Helper windows are pop-up screens that aid in entering data when making a roofing bid Main Screen Helper Windows Roof Calculator Writer has many data entry helper windows. Different screens have different helper…

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  • Roof Material Detail Pricing

    Roof Calculator Detail Pricing Roof Material Detail Pricing is for people who would prefer to cost their roofing jobs by detail pricing rather then per square pricing. With detail pricing you supply all the pricing details for materials, labor and any other costs including overhead…

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  • Roof Calculator totals roof estimates

    Using Roof Calcuator and Roof Bidding Software Job Roofing Job Cost Grid The Job Cost Grid displays and calculates your bid numbers  The divisor column divides all your totals, what you enter in this column is very important  The Job cost Grid is the main…

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  • Roof Calculator Writer new features

    Roof Calculator Writer New Features We have added many new features to the Roof Calculator program. We view the Roof Calc as never being finished. The features listed here are the main new features Now fully compatible with Windows Vista and Windows 7 & 8…

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  • Roof calculator writer options

    Using Roof Calculator Bidding Software Roof Calculator Writer Options The options dialog provides a way to use settings on every roof estimate Open options from this toolbar button option toolbar button or from Options on the Tools menu The options dialog provides a way to…

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