Roof calculator helper windows

Using Roof Calculator , Roofing Bid Data Entry Helper Windows (Main Screen)

Helper windows are pop-up screens that aid in entering data when making a roofing bid

Main Screen Helper Windows
Roof Calculator Writer has many data entry helper windows. Different screens have different helper windows. Different helper windows display different tasks. See the main screens here. For instance from the main screen you can open your roofing price per square screen and click the numbers and they will be added to your roofing bid price and totaled. This screen floats above the main screen and can be moved by selecting and dragging. See details here .


From the main screen you can also open a pop-up addition calculator by clicking this icon
The main screen price per square helper window is used only for per square pricing mode.

Open price per square

Click this icon to open your floating Price per Square

Click for larger

Floating price per square

Click to open the job cost row helper window: Icon open job cost row indicator
This displays which job cost row is totaling what part of your calculations.
eg; roof area, top ridge, hip, valleys etc.
Clicking any row will display what the row totals.

Job cost row indicater

Other Helper Windows:
Detail Pricing Helper windows
Work Order helper window