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Roof Detail Pricing Helper Windows

Data Entry Helper Windows (Detail Pricing mode)

Helper windows are pop-up screens that aid in entering data when making a roofing bid

Roof Material Detail Cost Helper Window

For instance from the Material Detail Cost, Misc/Other and Labor grids you can select a cell in the units column and right click to add the units for squares, hip ft, top ridge ft, hip ft, valley ft., from your bid. The Grid is totaled and your total price is updated.

Misc/Other Grid

Click this icon to open this helper window:
Clicking the save Icon will save any data in the description column and will be available for future use. Clicking the Removal Icon will display your saved roof removal prices:

Clicking any number will copy the number to the rate column and the grid calculated. Clicking the Add OSB will copy the units of OSB to the units column of the selected row. If OSB is not found in your Material Detail Cost you will be notified: “Osb not found in your Material Detail Cost”.


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