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Roof Material Detail Pricing

Roof Calculator Detail Pricing

Roof Material Detail Pricing is for people who would prefer to cost their roofing jobs by detail pricing rather then per square pricing. With detail pricing you supply all the pricing details for materials, labor and any other costs including overhead and profit and other items to include. (Sub Contract, Gutters etc)

Using Detail Pricing you can select items from your price list and add them to your material cost grid. The same process is used in Per square Pricing when creating a work order. The prices in the price list are for example only. You need to create your own price list containing your prices.

The wording in your price list is important for roofing items to be atomically added from job cost on the main screen when clicking the add from job cost button. When clicking the Add from Job Cost Button your roofing quantities for roofing squares rolls of felt etc are added to your material detail cost along with prices found in your price list.

You can add materials by selecting them, then clicking green arrow or by clicking the blue left hand border. If the material detail cost grid gets full you can continue to add materials and new rows will be added. You will be warned if adding a duplicate item.

Roof Material Detail Cost Helper Window

For instance from the Material Detail Cost, Misc/Other and Labor grids you can select a cell in the units column and right click to add the units for squares, hip ft, top ridge ft, hip ft, valley ft., from your bid. The Grid is totaled and your total price is updated.

To optionally add for sales tax, payroll tax, profit and overhead click the options icon on the toolbar or the tools menu item. All of the grids will expand to hold more data by pressing enter on your keyboard in the bottom row. You can add as many rows as you need.

Your prices list is divided into sections. The sections can be renamed or deleted via the combo box. The section “All Materials” cannot be changed or deleted. To rename a section just type in a new name.
To delete a section delete the name and click the save button. Warning: This will erase all the materials in that section. When saving your roofing estimate all the details on this screen are saved with your estimate. (Except your price list)
The importance of the wording in your price list.


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