Hip Roof

How to Build a Hip Roof

There are some roofs designs prevail in the society. One of the most popular roof designs is the hip roof.

Benefits of Hip roof

Hip roof adds an architectural line to the design of a house or building. It not only adds an architectural line but it also gives more shields from the fundamentals to walls, windows, and doors of a house or building. It not only gives more protection but also give generous look. Hip roof provides structural integrity of a house or building, because hip roof is a structure which gets strength from all four corners, parapet and walls of the structure. A hip roof is a more multifaceted to construct than a gable roof.

The machinery components of a hip roof is the ridge board, common rafters, hip rafters, and jack rafters. Ridge board is not always available for the hip roof. If all the all four walls of the house or building are of the same length and the house or building is a square in shape, then there will be no ridge.

Build a hip roof 

Take obvious dimensions of your ridge boards’ measurement lengthwise. Then deduct your building’s width from its length. Engrave the necessary common rafters.
After that pin the common rafter. Spike it to your ridge board’s one side at every end. Lift up that ridge.

After that, lock that ridge right in place. Accomplish this by installing the rest of your common rafters. You go ahead at the ridge centre for creation of certain straight line.
After that you should calculate your building’s hip rafter’s length. This will scuttle accurate from your building’s corner to your ridge at about forty-five-degree angle.

After that you can trickle an appropriate string line along with the hip rafter’s centre. Connect a closing point of that string line where that hip meets the ridge of the building. Then connect the erstwhile end just on top of the smudge where that hip connects with the wall. This would assure the hip remnants straight while you are connecting your jack rafters.

The final stepladder is just about use an appropriate rafter table for chalk out the fairly accurate length of your jack rafters. Plainly install those jack rafters on the layouts. Then verify your sequence line on the hip roof while you pin that jack rafter precise in position.

So these are the basic things which you should keep in mind while you build a hip roof.


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