Walking on Roof Pitches

Roof pitches that can be walked Roof pitches you can walk on Do not attempt to walk on these roofs on any pitch. Moss on a roof that is wet from dew or recent rain. Frost, snow or ice on the roof. What roof pitch that can be walked on …

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Roof Calculator Pitch and Waste Details

Roof Calculator and Roof Pitch Open your pitch and waste reporting window. The Calc Details window shows details of the totals of roof measurements you have entered. You can drag this window to any position and it will be remembered. Closing this grid will not loose it’s data. This grid …

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Know your Roof Pitch or Roof Slope

Purpose Roof Pitch Chart

Why you should know your Roof Pitch or Roof Slope Getting a roof estimate One of the first things you will be asked: “What is your roof pitch ?” The same can be true for new gutters, gutter cleaning or any roof related work. Roof pitch is always a consideration …

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All Purpose Weather Resistant Roof Tarps

Roof Tarps, Cover lots of roof with these big tarps; Cover lots of roof with these big tarps 19-ft x 39-ft 4-in TARPAULIN (FINISHED SIZE)  ALL PURPOSE – WEATHER RESISTANT This top quality tarpaulin provides maximum strength and long lasting durability. Won-ftt crack even in freezing temperatures. Superior construction includes UV …

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Roof Calculator how to use details

Roof Calculator Software Information Using Roof Calculator Software Bid information Ridge & Starter per sq. The ability to add ridge and starter to your total squares. This has nothing to do with ordering quantities. Example: Ridge Customer wants high priced ridge put on a 35yr comp roof. The comp shingles …

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Roof Pitch Determined 2 ways

Roof Pitch Degrees

How to determine or calculate roof pitch or roof slope Roof pitch calculator is determined by the number of inches it rises vertically for every 12 inches it extends horizontally. (Also referred to as roof slope or roof slant.) So what does the 7/12 in the example to the right …

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