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Roofing Calculator Cost, One of the three most basic needs of man are food, shelter and a roof over his head! The importance of the third one should never be underestimated. Putting on a new roof or replacing the existing roof of your home, is a huge home improvement job and costs a lot. It is important that you have an accurate figure of roofing costs and estimates.

In this article, I will show you ways of Roofing Calculator Cost, from the available dimensional information of your house roof. Then we will review Roofing Calculator Cost and estimates of different types of roofs, that you could put up.

Method for Roofing Calculator Cost

There is a method of Roofing Calculator Cost and estimates, which I will discuss here. It is based on using the square footage of your home and roof pitch. For making calculations simpler, I would suggest that you keep the floor plan of your house, made to scale, designed by your architect, in front of you. This calculation assumes that your house has a gable roof.

In this method, you need to first Roofing Calculator Cost of the roof. Pitch measures how much your roof rises vertically for each horizontal foot rise. One can do that with the following procedure. On the gable side of your roof, mark a spot at a distance of one foot horizontally, from roof base.

Then from the same spot, measure the distance, vertically to the underside of roof base. What you get is a right angled triangle, with the distance from the underside of the roof as one side, the distance from the roof base as the triangle base (12″ or 1 foot in length) and a part of one side of the gable roof as a hypotenuse.

Roofing Cost

Next take the ratio of the distance from the underside of the gable roof and the base length (12″). Let’s suppose the vertical distance from underside of roof is 9″. Then the ratio is 9/12 which is 0.75 in decimals. Next, square the ratio and add one to it. Then our hypothetical ratio value will become (0.752 +1) which is equal to 1.5625. (check!). Lastly, find the square root of this number.

In our case, square root of 1.5625 is 1.25. Since, the gable roof extends a bit over the edge frame of the house, round off the number to, nearest decimal place. In our case, it rounds up to ‘1.3’. Remember this last number.

Lastly, we finally arrive to the point where Roofing Calculator Cost and estimates can be calculated. Take the last number (1.3) and multiply it by the total estimated square footage of your house. That is, if the total square footage of your house is 1200 sq.ft, then you must get – (1200 x 1.3) equal to 1560. Finally, multiply the last number (1560 here), by the roofing costs per square foot. If it is, say $1.2 per square foot, then the final roofing cost estimate will be (1560 x $1.2) which is equal to $1872 (phew!).

Though the calculations seem complicated, once you understand them, you can make an estimate in about a minute, using a calculator. If you save the whole formula in an excel sheet, it can become your roofing costs calculator, provided you supply the required values for calculation. If your house has a flat roof, simply multiply the total square footage with the roofing cost per square foot, to get a rough estimate.

Comparison of Roofing Calculator Cost

Now that we know how to calculate roof costs and estimates, let’s compare prices per sq ft for different roofing materials, that are used. This will give you an idea about the variation of roofing cost per sq ft, according to roofing material. Roofing costs compared here are rough estimates, which can vary with location and quality of roofing shingles.

Roofing Calculator Cost for Asphalt Shingle

This is the cheapest of all the roofing materials. Asphalt shingle roofing can cost somewhere in the range of $1,700 – $8,400 for a single story ranch home.

Wood Shingle Roofing Costs and Estimates

Wood shingle roofing makes for a pretty picture. However, it requires a lot of maintenance. Roofing Calculator Costfor wooden shingle roofing over a single story ranch home, will range from $12,600 – $18,900, if high quality and fire resistant material is used.

Tile Roofing Costs and Estimates
Tile roofing is also a good choice of material as it is durable, stylish and rot proof. Ceramic tile roofing costs for a basic one story, ranch style home roof would cost $17,000 – $16,000.

Metal Roofing Costs and Estimates
The advantage of having a metal roofing material is that it is lightweight, rot proof and fire resistant. A metal roofing for a single story ranch house will cost $5,100 – $22,000 dollars if steel is used, $11,900 – $24,200 for aluminum and $25,500 – $39,600 for a copper roof.

Slate Roofing Costs and Estimates
A slate roof is one of the long-lasting variety of materials, that you could use. For example, a 3,000 square foot slate roofing will cost $27,000 – $120,000 according to the quality of slate material used.

Additional Roofing Costs and Estimates
Other than the roofing material costs, the total cost of roofing will depend on the shape and size of your roof, of course. There may be some additional costs, if the roof supports of your house need some repairing, rebuilding or reinforcement. This, along with labor costs, can make the additional costs go up to $1,000 – $10,000.

It is good that you show the willingness to make calculations, and estimate the exact roofing prices on your own. This is better than blindly paying the contractor, whatever he asks for. When you calculate roofing costs and estimates on your own, you can get the roofing job done, at a reasonable price. Hope this article has given you a rough idea of the range of expenses, you can expect to put on a new roof with Roofing Calculator Cost.


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