Find your Roof Pitch Angle

Angle finder tool for roof pitch or for finding angles of anything This tool will find your roof pitch Most angle finders only work on the top side of a roof. This handy little tool is the easiest way to accurately find your roof pitch. Simply set it on your roof …

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How to measure residential roof plans

residental metal roof elements

How to measure roof plans or blueprints using a scale ruler How to measure residential roof plans The first thing to check is what scale the roof is drawn in. The roof below is drawn in 1/8″ scale This means that, if using a regular tape measure that 1 inch …

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Tips on Measuring Residential Roofs

Tips on Roof Measuring We used a method we called guestimate. Look around the the roof and guess how many squares. Write this number down and compare it to your total squares after you have added them up. This takes some experience and is not intended to be real accurate. …

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Tips on Measuring Residential Roof Plans

hip roof Computation of their area

Tips on measuring residential roof plans After measuring thousands of roof plans, over a period of 20 years ranging from apartments, tract houses custom homes here are some good tips. To accurately measure a roof plan, one of first things to verify is the scale the plan is drawn with. If you …

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Roofing Price Per Square Calculator

Roofing price per square calculator for roofing bids The Roof Total Price Per Square Tab This tab totals all the numbers you have entered for roofing materials, labor, roof removal, profit, overhead and sales tax (if applicable). Clicking any of the options updates your total price. After initial setup with just …

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Pros and cons of Popular Roofing Materials

Popular Roofing Materials What most homeowners desire is a roof that’s not too expensive, requires no maintenance, and lasts forever. But most roofs are replaced – or at least repaired – every ten years. By carefully choosing your home’s roofing material, you can reduce the cost of replacement. In the …

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