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Replace roof mount skylight with curb mounted skylight

Replacing a leaky skylight Replacing a roof mounted skylight with a curb mounted skylight. This roof mounted skylight has leaked and been repaired many times. We decided to replace it with a curb mounted skylight and stop the problem once and for all. Problem Skylight New Skylight   First we …

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Roofing Custom proposal writing software

Sample Roofing Proposal This fictitious example roofing contact-proposal was created with RoofCalcWriter and is provided as an example. This example uses the following layout; Logo on the top left and brown lettering to the right of logo and bold blue highlight text in different places in the document. All can …

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Roof pitches that can be walked

Roof pitches you can walk on Do not attempt to walk on these roofs on any pitch ! Moss on a roof that is wet from dew or recent rain. Frost, snow or ice on the roof What roof pitch that can be walked on can be determined by many …

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Internet/Email Service Providers POP3 Servers

Internet/Email Service Providers POP3 Servers Service Provider Pop Server BlueYonder pop3.blueyonder.co.uk BTClick mail.btinternet.com BT.Com mail.btinternet.com BT Connect pop3.btinternet.com BT Internet mail.btinternet.com Cableinet pop3.blueyonder.co.uk CWCom pop.ntlworld.com Demon pop3.demon.co.uk Direct Connection popmail.dircon.co.uk Freeserve pop.freeserve.co.uk Freeserve pop.freeserve.net FSnet pop.freeserve.co.uk Genie mail.genie.co.uk Gmail pop.gmail.com ic24 pop3.ic24.net Lycos pop.lycos.co.uk Madasafish pop.madasafish.com Netscapeonline pophost1.netscapeonline.co.uk Netscapeonline pophost2.netscapeonline.co.uk …

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Plywood Osb helper tool

Carpenters-Roofers OSB-Plywood Shingle Tool This tool will help you install OSB or plywood and comp shingles Valleys Eliminates the need to measure valleys to get the proper angle. Simply set the tool in the valley turn the arms to the angle of your valley and tighten. Use this angle to …

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Roofing software ordering process

Roof Estimating Software The Software ordering process RoofGenius collects no credit card information FastSpring.com is the authorized payment processor for RoofGenius. FastSpring.com is a service for vendors of electronic media to distribute and market their products to the world. FastSpring.com allows products to be securely registered or purchased with a …

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Roofing nails per square

Nails Per Unit Comp shingles, 4 nails per shingle Wood shakes, 2 nails per shake Wood Shingles, 2 nails per shingle OSB-Plywood, 72 nails per sheet   Roof Material Nail Length Pounds Per Square Coils Per Square Comp shingles smooth 1″ 1.33 2.63 Comp Shingles Dimensional 1-1/4″ 1.63 2.63 Wood …

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