Different types of Flat Roofing Systems

Flat Roofing Systems

Flat roofing advantages and disadvantages

Those days are gone when building roofs used to be made from thatch or straw that is easily available. In these days to make durable roofs combination of best technologies and latest advances are used. A roof is important as it protects from the elements. With some unique characteristics, there are different types of roof. It includes pitched, low-pitch, or flat. In design flat roofing is almost perfectly horizontal.

Why are flat roofing system so popular?

Usually, this type of roof has a slight slope. It helps to drain off the snow and water easily. This roof is easy to build and can last for centuries. Stagnant water that is accumulated on the roof caused leakages. These leakages can be contained by gravel and tar. But at present days this types of roofs are made from rubber and polymers materials. In comparison to commercial building, these roofs are suitable for the residential buildings. They can be unstable regarding the size of the building. This roof may easily develop cracks to a large amount of activity.

Different types of flat roofing systems

There are mainly three t ypes of flat roofing systems. They are built up roofs, modified bitumen, and membrane roofs.

Built up roofs: This is a traditional tar and gravel roof. Basically, it is the layers of waterproof material with hot tar layers in between. Built up roofs are attractive to look it and it is less expensive than membrane or bitumen roofs. But this types of roofs are very heavy than others. If there is a leak, then it is difficult to find out. To carry the excess weight, it may need structural reinforcement.

Bitumen roofs: As a wear surface it is a ply rolled roof. This used mineral as a topcoat. This modified bitumen is moderate in price and it is lightweight also. But this type of roofs wears less resistant rather membrane systems.

Membrane: It is also known as rubber roofs. It is very durable. It has a resistant power to protect tearing and sunlight damage. It is lightweight and can be easily repaired. It is also easy to install for homeowners also. But it is costly than other two systems.

Common flat roofing problems

The common flat roofing problems came from poor maintenance. Flat roofing need periodically inspection for damage, cleaned, and repaired. One should check the functionality of waterproofing and insulation properties. Due to poor maintenance fungus, leaks, and roof moisture are the most visible problems. For poor insulation, roof lead to leaks and flooding from heat and melting ice, snow respectively. These types of roof are more prone to deterioration and destruction of the gutters, downspouts, flashings.


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