Different types of roof materials

Different types of stylish eco-friendly roofing materials

It is known to all that roof is an important part of your home durability, appearance, and maintains the capability to cope up with harsh weather conditions, which includes sunlight, rain, cold, strong winds, and sleet. By preferring eco-friendly materials nowadays people are also searching for the environment aspect to improve their home environment. Depending on the roofing preferences there are some great effect on other home aspects that includes heating, cooling, durability, and maintenance. If you want to install an eco-friendly roof on your house, there are lots of different types of roof materials and color. Based on your preferences you can choose from different materials which have various features, cost enabling, and durability.

Recycled shingles and slate tiles

Recycled shingles are the most popular eco-friendly roofing material. This type of materials is created from the waste materials that can be recycled like rubber, wood fiber, and plastic. Maximum of these materials come from industrial waste and clean consumer waste. The recycled shingles are very attractive in appearances as well as very durable. To protect the environment, the recycled shingles, give benefit by reducing waste that goes into the landfills. To extract raw materials theses shingles, reduce the energy and pollution consumption that is needed. Theses materials are so durable that it can last for almost 50 years and sometimes more than that.
Slate tiles are eco-friendly roofing materials. These materials are popular among the people who are interested in durable roofs that need low maintenance. Slate tiles have different types of roof designs. The slate is very durable but it is very expensive also.

Rubber roofing materials
Rubber roofing materials

Clay roofing tiles and metal roofing

Clay roofing tiles are stylish as well as durable. It is also having a lifespan of over 50 years. The clay tiles also have versatile appearance. It has excellent capability of fire resistance and good insulation value. Clay roofing is very expensive to afford but actually it is a smart investment. In hot weather climate clay roofing tiles are very popular.

Metal roofing is also eco-friendly materials. For your home it is the best green materials. These materials are mainly made from materials that are recycled. They are of different types that are ranging from aluminum to steel and copper. They are actually very lightweight material and durable also.

Rubber roofing

Rubber shingles are mainly created from old steel-belted radial tires. These are also eco-friendly materials that gain popularity day-by-day. This rubber roofing materials are come in different colors and textures. It is made from ground slate coating. There are advantages of using rubber roofing as it has long life ability with 50 years of warranty.
All the above roof materials are eco-friendly that becomes popular among the people who love nature.


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