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Roof pitch visual examples

Roof Pitches 4/12 thru 12/12

The examples below provide visual examples of roof pitch.
To determine your roof pitch go here.
Other terminology for roof pitch are; Roof Slope, Roof Angle and Pitch Degrees.
To see roof pitch to degrees equivalents go here.

Visual Roof Pitch Examples

Roof Pitch to Angle Calculator
(enter pitch in the first box – calculation is automatic)

Roof Span: ft. in. Roof Rise: ft. in.

Roof Pitch = / 12¨

4/12 Pitch 18½° Details   5/12 Pitch 22½° Details
4/12 pitch 5/12 pitch

6/12 Pitch 26½° Details   7/12 Pitch 30¼° Details
6/12 pitch 7/12 pitch


8/12 Pitch 33¾° Details   9/12 Pitch 37° Details
8/12 pitch 9/12 pitch


10/12 Pitch 40° Details   12/12 Pitch 45° Details
10/12 pitch 12/12 pitch

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  1. I have 10/12 hip roof in back but but looking from back side the left is 12/12 pitch because of garage in front, i want to put 36’×16′ roof on back porch starting from back left side, what kind of trusses could i use? House is 36′ wide 70′ long

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