Roofing nails per square

Nails Per Unit
Comp shingles, 4 nails per shingle
Wood shakes, 2 nails per shake
Wood Shingles, 2 nails per shingle
OSB-Plywood, 72 nails per sheet


Roof Material Nail Length Pounds Per Square Coils Per Square
Comp shingles smooth 1″ 1.33 2.63
Comp Shingles Dimensional 1-1/4″ 1.63 2.63
Wood Shakes medium 5d 1-3/4″ 1.75 NA
Wood Shakes heavy’s 6d 2″ 2.50 NA
Wood Shingles 3d 1-1/4″ 2.28 NA
Plywood-OSB 8d 2-1/2″ 1.35 NA
Shingles and and shake quantities can vary depending on the width of the individual shingles and shakes.



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