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Wood Shingles vs Wood Shakes

Wood Shake Roof Shingles Installation and Repair

Did you know there is a difference between shakes and shingles? Shingles are tapered and have a relatively smooth surface. Where as shakes are less uniform and tend to lend more character. Wood shakes vary in thickness as well.

  • The unique qualities of wood shake roofing are often sought after by homeowners seeking an individual flair for their roof.
  • An extremely popular choice for many homeowners has been cedar shingles.
  • Cedar has a high durability when compared to other woods, helping to prevent it from rotting.

 Replace a Wood Shake Shingle Roof

It is an inevitable fact that every roof will one day have to be replaced. If your roof is currently 15-20 years old it is a prime candidate for replacement. But there is no need to worry,  many homeowners insurance plans can help cover the price.

Filing roofing insurance claims is highly recommended in instances where your roof has suffered damage over time be it from wind, hail, or any other force of nature.

In many cases roofing installers can apply new wood shakes over your old shingles. Doubling the strength of your roof. However, if your roof is damaged or warped in any way this may not be an option. Comment us to have an experienced wood shake installer come to your home and offer advice on your best options.


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Wood Shake Shingles Prices

Using a piece of mother nature to shield your home from the elements is no doubt more expensive than man-made asphalt shingles. This roofing cost does not reflect the longevity of wood shake either. Both asphalt and wood have roughly the same lifespan. The price increase is due to the cost of building materials combined with being a more difficult installation. That being said, for homeowners who desire a classic rustic look, there is really no better option.

Wood Shake Shingles Cost

Wood shakes are a highly desired roofing material for homeowners searching for a roofing material that gives a rustic look. Wood shakes are less uniform than standard shingles, and often vary in thickness and shape. They are made by splitting logs, rather than sawing lumber as is the case with wood shingles. The majority of wood shakes produced in the U.S. are western red cedar, although can are also sometimes made from pine, cypress and redwood, and they typically come in 24-inch lengths. Wood shakes can be pressure treated with fire retardants and chemicals to aid in fire resistance and to prevent mold and rot.

On average, a wood shake roof will run between $9.00 and $12.00 per square foot. This will vary somewhat depending on the type of lumber used (again, with cedar being the most common) and the thickness of the wood shakes. It’s always good to keep in mind that a wood shake roof will require regular maintenance – for best results, it’s a good idea to clean a wood shake roof of litter and debris regularly to prevent the build-up of moisture, which in turn can lead to mold.

To prevent weathering, you can also apply a semi-transparent oil-based stain to your wood shake roof, and applying a stain that is water-repellant is even better. While these are not absolutely necessary, they will extend the life of your wood shake roof. When deciding on the type of roof you want to purchase for your house, and the amount of money you want to spend on a roof, it’s good to keep these costs in mind.


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