Porch Roof

Roof structures and Types of roofs

Wide variety of roof structures

Roofs have always been the most important part of any construction. They occupy a very vital position indeed. Roofs are such part of a construction on which depends the structure of a building.

Roof structures and its construction

Generally roof construction is done in order to protect the house from wide variety of climates such water, heat etc. Such roofs are usually made of timber and are found in wide variety of shapes and designs.

Why one should cover a roof?

This is indeed a very vital question. Protection of a roof is very necessary because protection of uppermost portion of a house is very vital. In this respect porch roof needs special mention. It is a construction which is made on the external walls of a building.

Origin of the roof

Usually porch is French word. In many parts of the world porch roof is widely accepted. There are ample benefits of porch roof. It not only provides protection from sunrays or rains but is also suitable during pleasant weather. You can also make sitting arrangements under this type of roof and enjoy the weather by sitting under it. Moreover you can also consult an interior designer and they can advise you something new and unique. For example you can plant some trees and does some plantation work under the roof. It will be an ideal and perfect decoration for your house. Roofs This type of roofs is usually made of stone but sometimes woods are also used to construct the roof. Therefore you can easily assume the importance of this type of roofs. In fact this new style of roofs can be quite a good concept in building houses.

Thus from time immemorial you have seen that roofs has played an important role in constructing roofs of a building. Many types of buildings are constructed with this concept of roof structure. Even ancient place of worship was also constructed with this type of roof. Hence with the passage of time new ideas of construction has given new dimension in the construction world. This is indeed a great achievement.


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