What is the measuring the Roof Pitch of Your House

Measure a roof pitch

Ahead of getting the roof light yours installed, it’s vital you calculate the roof pitch of your house. Roof pitch basically refers to the steepness or incline of your roof. At the time that you’re computing the roof pitch of your house, you’re computing the ‘run’, as well as the ‘rise’.

While “run” is the level distance among the crest of the roof as well as the wall, “rise” is the elevation of the peak over the wall. Occasionally you could even calculate the ‘span’. This is basically the distance among the walls.

When the matter is of calculating the roof pitch of your house it can be done in two ways. Both are fairly straightforward.

Tools for measuring a roof pitch

Tape measure
Carpenter’s level – this is a level metallic bar that has a spirit level
Roof Calculator (being good in maths will also do)

roof pitch and degrees chart

Computing from the rafters

On there being no roofing material for causing an uneven surface, computing from the rafters ought to provide you with a really precise measurement. You are able to Measure a roof pitch either from the rafter within the attic, a rafter’s overhang in the roof, or a barge rafter that is alongside the gable.

Place an ending of “carpenter’s level” such that it touches the underneath of the rafter, and regulate till the bubble’s centered amid the two lines.

The next thing to do is discover “12-inch mark” on top of “carpenter’s level.” If the one that you are using is without markings, there is no need to be worried. Simply use a tape for measuring it and draw on top of “12-inch mark.”

Next is measuring the upright distance starting from “carpenter’s level” to “rafter.” While measuring the distance starting from “12-inch mark” till the underneath of the rafter, ensure that “carpenter’s level” remains in position.

Presently, you are able to Measure the roof pitch of your house as it’s the rise: run ratio.

Computing from the roof surface

The other way to Measure a roof pitch is by measuring it on the surface of the roof. You have to make certain that it’s secure to walk on.

Having got on the roof, position a carpenter’s level such that it touches the roof and regulate till the bubble is amid the two lines. On your roof being particularly uneven, it’s useful to lay down an even board for getting a precise reading.

Next, you must compute the upright distance starting from roof to level, grasping the tape’s 0-mark so that it touches the roof and expanding upwards for making it at right angles to “carpenter’s level.” The tape measure having reached “12-inch mark” you must note the upright distance measurement down.

That’s it. You can compute the pitch slope in terms of “rise” over “run.”


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