Roof Calculator Writer software versions

Roof Calculater Writer Versions

03-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.85 released

Now works with windows vista and Windows 7 & 8
New Html Email program
Code optimized to run faster

11-18-2016 Roof Calculator 10.8 released

New easy to use email program.

Code optimized to run faster
Short-cut double-click material list rows to clear row data.
Emailed documents to include name and address in file name.
New updated fully illustrated help file
Classy Writer and RoofCalculator discontinued as stand alone programs.

11-04-20016 RoofCalwriter 10.7 released

Ability toBackup bid files to a Usb Flash Drive with a button click.
Ability to Backup data files to a Usb Flash Drive with a button click
Ability to have automatically backup data and bid files as they are changed or created.
Form to ideas or recommendations and send by email thru our email server
Minor bugs fixed
Discontinued RoofCalculator and Classy Writer as a stand alone. Read more

09-16-2016 RoofCalwriter 10.6 released

Minor Improvements to many areas

07-06-2016 RoofCalwriter 10.5 released

Ability to save items in Labor and Misc/Other grid for future use
New columns added to Misc/Other and Labor grids that calculates and totals numbers entered.
Ability to open your saved roof removal prices from Misc/Other grid in Detail Pricing
Ability to add Squares, Hips, Top Ridges, Rakes, Eaves and Valleys calculations from Misc/Other.  and Labor grids in Detail Pricing by right-clicking
Ability to open your saved labor prices and enter them by clicking the numbers
Ability to add squares in Labor and Misc/Other Grids by double-clicking the Units column
Option to check for program updates on program opening
Option to view and select the fixed width fonts on your system for underline typing

6-11-2016 RoofCalcWriter 10.4 released

Added 5 new fields to document markers
New helper window added for entering document markers
(Changed) If information for document marker is not supplied, marker is erased.(Marker will not show on printed documents)
Ability to add or type into underlined fields
Right-click anywhere in Paragrah and Sentence manager to enter todays date
Ability to add sentences to any location
Ability to add saved sentences to all documents (Not just proposals)
New popup calendar for entering future or past dates anywhere in your documents.

05-22-2016 RoofCalcWriter 10.3 released

Bug fixed where saving documents was freezing some systems
Bug fixed where email button was freezing some systems
Changed the way options were being used from saved bids
Added Name and address fields to writing a letter
Added the ability to add sentences anywhere in a document
Added the ability to add sentences to any document (Not just proposals)

04-22-2008 RoofCalcWriter 10.1 released

New print routine added to RoofCalculator main screen
Ability to add paragraphs to saved proposals

03-21-2008 RoofCalcWriter 10 released

Many small features added

03-21-2008 RoofCalculator 7 released

Added ability to create a detail material price list
Ability to do detail pricing or per square pricing
Option to round your bid prices up to the next full dollar
Option to round your material units up to the next full unit
Option to total your squares up the next full square
Option to add waste to your squares for valleys, hips and rakes
Added more fields to quick bid and the ability to save materials used often
Handy for adding materials you use on every job
New program updater to get the latest software updates with just a click
Print your pricelist, your detail costs and work orders
Get an online map to the address on your bid with just a click. (Choose from 3 map providers)
Get an online weather report to your location with just a click.(Choose from 3 weather providers)
Two new fields added to your address book. (Personal and Suppliers)

08-04-2007 Classy Writer 3.5 released

Document rulers for document layout for both top and bottom
Change the paragraph left and right indent margins by sliding the margin indicators located on the ruler tool bar
Word Wrap, Three different styles of word wrap
Print Preview, See how your documents will look before printing
Print Layout support, Header, footer support along with paper size, margins, etc
Recent files, To conviently open the last 8 files you have used. The last file you have used will be at the top of the list
HighLight selected text any color
SuperScript/SubScript For that special text layout
Format Painter To easily copy text formating
Insert symbols, Choose from over 200 symbols to insert
Date and or time, Choose from 14 date-time formats
Capture pictures Special bonus snapshot or lasoo pictures or portions of pictures from anywhere
Insert Tables, Set the number of rows, columns, column width, center the table
Quick Squares Calculator to quickly total squares
Multi-Function Calculator A handy multi-function calculator for calculations
Optionally enter the totals into Classy Writer

06-02-2007 RoofCalcWriter 9.1 released

Combined New RoofCalculator 6.4, Price Per Square and Classy Writer into one program

05-12-2007 RoofCalculator 6.4 updated

Bug fixed where duplicates were being added to address book

04-29-2007 RoofCalculator 6.4 updated

Ability to add and remove roof pitch at anytime
Quick Bid form, when entering roof measurements is un-needed
Added templates for different roofing types
Added numbers detail form to compare actual bid numbers
Added pitch and wasted detail form to view how much is added for waste and roof pitch
Ability to save and recall all bid numbers (not just totals)
Added new viewer window to aid in editing Job Cost grid
Added floating Price Per Square window to aid entering price per square
More roof pitches added 2/12 to 24/12
Improved Print layouts
Added ability to add roof prices to Email body with just a click
Added ability to open email from main screen
Context sensitive help to get help on the currently active item
All new toolbar buttons
Price Per Square headings can all be changed
Added roofing felt grid to Price Per Square
3 Popup calculators added to Price Per Square

09-04-2006 Classy Writer 2.1 released

Added Spell Check
Added Undo
Added Redo
Added select all

09-13-2004 RoofCalculator 5.1 released

Original RoofCalculater created and released

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