6 Types of Roof Styles for Home

Various materials may use for roofs. Materials which will best for your home depends on many factors like which type of roof do you want? How much you can spend and how long you want it to be last. Factors will remain same in the condition of roof place as well.

Here are 6 major types of roofs available for your roof home.

Wood Shakes

It gives a natural look with lots of characters because of variety in width; color thickness etc. using Sabine shakes for roofing materials will give you some energy benefits as well. Sabine shakes will help to cover the attic and it allows your home o breath.

Metal Roofing

It is the fastest growing in order to popularity. You can replace the asbestos roofs with trendy metal roofs. It has the capacity to expand and contrast along with giving protection against snow, winds, hailstorms, and hurricanes. Also, it is fire resistant and a very popular choice of people who are living in forest and wild regions.

Tile Roofing

If you will talk about the stylish sort of roof so answer will be Tile roofing. This style is similar to Spanish architecture. Some homes are not structurally supported for a load of tile roofing, but there are alternatives available in a lighter weight. Tiles roofs last longer in comparison to any other type of roof and also not require so much maintenance.

Roofing Shingles

Shingles come in lots of variety in many styles, warranty, and colors. Mostly common and minimal expensive shingle has at least 20 years of warranty. There are many types of shingles available in the market basis of prizes and durability. Some examples are 3 Tab composition, laminated shingles, hail resistant etc.

types of shingle roofing
types of shingle roofing

Slate Roofing

Slate roofing is well known for its charm and beauty. Slate tile needs more maintenance costs in compare of any other roofing materials. Also, make sure to check if the formation of your house can hold the weight of slate roofing materials.

Flat Roofs

It is a popular kind preferred on roof house but having some difficulties related to it. Because it doesn’t slope rainwater automatically also they are more expensive. Installing, maintaining and repairing flat roofing is a complex process. Some main types of it are built up flat, modified bitumen, rubber membrane.


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