Tips to choose a contractor for roof installation

A roof is the most important part of your house as it provides protection from the outer elements and provides the insulation that maintains the inside temperature of the house according to the season. There are different types of roof and best you need will depend on the climate and amount of rainfall received. Choosing a contractor for roof installation is a very challenging task. The roof installation project needs high investment.

Below are some tips to choose a contractor for roof installation to get the best for your money.

Tips to choose a contractor for roof installation

Insurance and certification

Make sure that the contractor has worker’s compensation and liability insurance. Always verify the contractor’s certification if they are valid or not. They also have updated licenses so that building permits can be taken, if required, during the roof installation process. You can contact the licensing authority to check the license by the name of the business.

Choose local roof contractor

Roofing contractor

It’s better to go for locally owned businesses as it is easy to contact them. Always ensure that they have established business and a good reputation around the town. People choose nationally owned companies but find later the company is closed or moved somewhere else. Then there is no use of warranty they provide. So always choose small sized local business contractors who have good previous work profile and are well known for their work.

Check references – Ask family members and friends

Ask the contractor to provide some references. You can ask few questions from the references like:

  • How the roof installation project was handled from the beginning to the end?
  • Was the project completed in exactly time?
  • Did the contractor charge accordingly?

You can ask the contractor for photos of work done before. Also, check online reviews of the contractor. Ask your family members or friends for any suggestions. It’s possible that they have a used a contractor before. They may share their experiences and help you find a trustworthy company.

Hiring a roof contractor

When you are hiring a contractor, price is not everything. The low price quote offered by the contractor is a sign that the materials used are cheap or may be the contractor is not insured. The best way to find value for your money is to know what you want to get done.

Roof contractor in written agreement

Always get everything about the contract in written agreement. Don’t start a contract until you and your contractor understand each other’s terms and conditions. An agreement mentions that what work is to be done and at what cost.  It is strongly recommended getting a contract signed to reduce miscommunication.

These are tips to hire contractor for roof installation.


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