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You may have seen terracotta roof tiles on old churches and historic buildings. Perhaps you’ve witnessed them in a Spanish setting, demanding a sense of culture to all who witness. The beauty and refinement these roofing materials bring to a structure is truly magnificent. Now, more than ever, terracotta shingles are being used to enhance the beauty of residential homes.

Terracotta Roofing Materials

Are you looking for a classic or historic look? Or maybe a modern twist? Regardless of your application a terracotta roof will become a predominant feature of your home, adding history and texture.

  • Have a life expectancy of 100+ years
  • Are replaceable if ever damaged
  • Offers a vast selection in pattern, selection and texture
  • Gives a unique and historical feel to any structure

Cost of  Terracotta Roof Installation

Beauty comes at a cost. Terracotta roof tiles are rather expensive when compared to other roofing material options. The high cost of manufacturing the shingles, combined with the expert craftsmanship required to install, adds up to a higher price tag every time. We pride ourselves in delivering expert craftsmanship combined with affordable and competitive prices. If you are in the market to install, or repair, terracotta roof tiles then please contact us to receive a free estimate and compare our prices to theirs. The overall value terracotta tiles from Roofing Contractor can add to your home will not be beaten. If you are desiring the look of terracotta at a lower cost, perhaps you would be interested in concrete shingles?


Terracotta Roofing Shingles

Terracotta  Roof  Tile Cost

Terracotta shingles are an excellent choice for homeowners searching for a roofing option that offers longevity and durability. A terracotta roof will cost in the neighborhood of $15.00 to $20.00 per square foot, but will last you for up to 100 years! This means that while this type of roofing may be more expensive initially, you will actually save money over the life of the roof. Often made of clay, terracotta roof tiles are fire resistant, and add a European flare to your home’s exterior. Terracotta shingles also aid in making your home or office more energy efficient, as the shape and density of these tiles help greatly with insulation.

Terracotta shingles are also durable, as they are able to withstand many weather conditions. Even when a repair is necessary, there is typically just the need to replace a handful of broken or cracked tiles, rather than replacing large sections of the roof.

Benefits Terracotta Roof

In addition to these many benefits, terracotta shingles are also one of the most environmentally-friendly roofing choices you can make. First of all, terracotta shingles are made from clay, an extremely abundant resource. Secondly, the manufacturing process behind this product has significantly less negative impact on the environment when compared to most other types of roofing. And lastly, the long life of a terracotta shingle roof eliminates the need for disposal of old roofing materials as often as other types of roofing. Because of these wonderful benefits, the cost of a terracotta shingle roof is very favorable when compared to other roofing styles.


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