roof types

  • Roof

    How to choose the suitable roof for your home?

    Choosing the Correct Roof Type The roof types have their specifics and do not always fit your construction plan, your geographic location or sometimes your budget as well. Thus choosing the right kind of roof…

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  • Porch Roof
    porch roof pitch features

    Roof pitch types and its various characteristic features

    Roof has always been the integral part of any construction. Whether it is a big house or an apartment or a complex roof has always been a very vital point of any construction. Without roofs…

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  • Price_Per_Sq_Pages

    Whats new in price per square ?

    Roofing Price Per Square Roofing Price Per Sq New Features The New Price Per Square program has shown to be so valuable when used in conjunction with Roof Calculator, it is no longer available as…

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