Porch Roof

Porch Roof during the Summer Season

Porch Roof Advantages

Living in rooms under a Porch Roof can be of great advantages, and it can also give you good experience of living in your house. But, porch roofs having glasses can be problematic, when the weather is hot, during the summer season. If you want to use the porch roofs conveniently during the summer season, there are many ways, which you can follow.

Rooms with glass made porch roof can be a big advantage all through the year, but, the problems start during the summer season, due to very high temperature and strength of sunlight. The sun rays enter the glass windows, as they have very low wavelengths, but, once the sun rays enter the rooms with glass walls or roofs, the wavelength of the sun rays increase, as a result of which, they cannot leave the room. It is the reason behind, why glass rooms with Porch Roof are problematic during the summer.

The cheapest way to build a Porch Roof

One of the cheapest way to get rid of the excessive sun rays during the summer season is to install curtains, within the glass windows. It will obstruct the sun rays from entering the room, and you can also install horizontal curtains below a glass based Porch Roof. It is by far the best way to get rid of excessive sun rays. If you find that the room has turned dark, you can use electrical lights to do various activities.

Porch Roof Advantages 2

Another great way to get rid of the excessive sun rays from under Porch Roof is to install air conditioners within the rooms, under a Porch Roof. The solution is a little costly, but it will give you the best performance, whatever may the indoor or the ambient temperature be. Depending upon the size of the room, under a Porch Roof, you should get the air conditioner with a proper tonnage, if you want to get the best performance.

The rooms under a Porch Roof

The two mentioned above are the best ways to use the rooms under a Porch Roof. There are other ways, as well, but the two mentioned above are most efficient ways, which can eradicate excessive warmth, in the easiest possible way.


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