Steps of Roof Installation

Roof Installation

Installing a new roof or replacing the old roof is a tedious task. Being a homeowner, it would be beneficial for you to know the entire process. The roof is the biggest asset as it protects your home. It provides insulation that helps to maintain the interior temperature of the building the effective roof can be only relied on advanced materials and the integrated system. You may hire a roof contractor or if you decide to install the roof yourself, you must understand the roof installation process, so that you are ensured that your roof is properly installed.

Take the dimensions and Strip the old roof

Study the structure of the roof and take the measurements. It will help you find how many new materials, shingles and tar paper you need for the new roof. Then start the process of stripping the old roof. You can use the stripper to remove shingles and tar paper. Chemicals can be used to dissolve roof sealants.

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Step roof installation
Step roof installation

Replace sheathing and install water guards

Sheathing is the foundation of the roof. You can either replace it or re nail the existing one into place. It will ensure the durability. Use a water barrier, this product will go around the edges of the roof to prevent your roof from leaking. Lay it as required.

Install metal drip edge and underlayment

Then install the metal drip edge for the lower part of the roof and sides of the roof. First install the metal edge along the bottom edge of the roof and after you do the roof underlayment installation, install the metal drip edge on the sides. Underlayment is done with the tar paper. It can be installed with one inch roofing nails. Install the underlayment over the entire roof.

Installing roof flashing

Flashing is a protective material used against water leaks. It is made up of galvanised metal, aluminum, copper. It can be used where extra protection is required. The areas where installation of flashing can be done are vents, edges around Chimneys. Cut the flashing with your tin snips to the right size.

Install Shingles roofing

Asphalt shingles are most common for roofing. They are available in wide variety of colors and profiles. Nail the shingles from one side to the other. Lay them in rows and do it for the entire roof.

This is all about the roof installation process.


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