Stone Veneer Siding

installing stone veneer siding

Stone Veneer Siding Installers and Repair

Who doesn’t absolutely love the look and feel of real stone? Installing stone veneer siding will subtly bring warmth, elegance and strength to any home. Stone veneers are similar to brick veneers in their manufacturing and application, both come in sheets that are adorned with beautifully set stone. In all honesty it is very hard to tell the difference between veneers and masonry stone work. In fact, stone veneer panels could arguably be more appealing. Really, the only difference you’ll notice between the two are price!

If your a homeowner that feels the beauty of stone siding is out of reach, we beg you to reconsider. Stone veneers are not faux stone siding (although we supply them as well). They are actually cut from genuine stone and are usually only a few inches thick. This takes a huge chunk out of the cost of supplies as well as the labor.

Stone Veneer siding

What are some benefits of stone veneer siding?

  • A budget friendly alternative to stone siding
  • Installs faster than stone siding
  • Will dramatically insulate your home as compared to other siding materials
  • Aesthetic qualities such as warmth, elegance, strength, etc.
  • Will hold it’s own against the wrath of mother nature
  • Is real stone, not imitation or faux
  • Stone never requires painting, saving you both time and money
  • Will protect your home from fire better than other siding options
  • Very low maintenance

As you can see, there are a number of great reasons to install stone veneer siding. One thing to consider is that stone is permeable. This means moisture can (and will if not properly installed) get between your siding and the structure of your home causing some serious damage. Roofing Group highly recommends you seek professional stone veneer siding installation. If not from us, then another source you can really trust. We employ only the best stone masons and stone veneer siding installers in the state. This guarantees no moisture damage will ever take root in your home.


The maintenance of stone veneer siding is practically nothing. If dirt happens to splash onto it simply hose it off.


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