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A truly beautiful home accents its surroundings, complimenting nature. Cedar shingle siding can provide a home with a rustic yet natural visual appeal, blending in seamlessly. Cedar siding comes in an abundance of size, shape and stain choices.  Leaving the imagination of the homeowner to run wild with combinations and layouts.No w, if your of the more modest mindset cedar siding is still a great option. Cedar is so versatile it can create everything from a “warm cabin in the woods” to a “clean modern” appeal.

Benefits of Cedar Shingle Siding

  • One of the most durable softwoods
  • Lightweight, yet a spectacular insulator
  • Creates a natural acoustic barrier
  • Easily painted, treated or stained
  • Does not have to be painted, treated or stained (if left untreated cedar will retain its natural aroma)
  • The visual flair of cedar siding is unmatched


Cedar and wood Shingles

It is clear cedar is an excellent siding option for a number of reasons. There are, however, some less than perfect qualities too.  Cedar is a softwood, making it rather flammable. In fact, in some counties cedar is not even an option.  It is best to check your counties ordinances before deciding on installing cedar shingle siding.

Cedar Shingle Siding Maintenance

If left untreated cedar requires little maintenance. The naturally occurring anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities of installed cedar siding will prevent any excess warping, splitting and rotting. If left unstained cedar will develop a worn and weathered look that some homeowners desire. Homeowners who choose to stain are in for a little more work. To maintain the visual appeal of recently installed stained cedar, homeowners should plan on painting or staining on a semi-annual basis.

The Cost to Install Cedar Shingle Siding

Cedar is a beautiful and beneficial siding option. The longevity and ease of maintenance combined with the price of material make the cost of cedar siding installation on the higher end of the spectrum. For many customers the true value and warm look is hard to beat though. Durability, ease of maintenance, visual appeal and outstanding insulation for your home adds up to top-tier value. If your in it for the long-haul then installing cedar shingle siding should not be overlooked.


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