Brick Veneer Siding

Installing Brick Veneer Siding

Brick Veneer Siding Installers and Repair

Are you a homeowner who has always loved the look of brick homes, but feels you’ll have to wait until your next home purchase to have brick siding? Thanks to brick veneer siding every homeowner can enjoy the beauty and durability of brick for a fraction of the cost and a decimal of the hassle. Brick veneer is not exactly faux brick.  It is 100% real brick, just on a slimmer scale. Each brick is 1″ thick and is often applied to your home over existing siding. Seeing as brick is moisture permeable, exterior brick siding should be installed with a vapor barrier between your walls and the bricks. Our qualified masons are pros at installing brick and brick veneer siding and will ensure not an ounce of moisture gets trapped in those walls.

Benefits of Brick Veneer Siding Installations

  • Look and feel of traditional brick
  • Extremely long lasting and fireproof
  • Can be installed over existing siding
  • Masterfully insulates your home
  • Provides a classic, historical feel to every home
  • A budget friendly alternative to traditional brick siding (no one will ever know the difference!)

Brick Veneer Siding


Brick veneer is practically as durable as real brick siding. Its insulation qualities keep out the hot and the cold. But despite this, brick veneer installed in cold climates should definitely have a sealant applied to fend off frost damage. All brick is vapor-permeable. This means that water will soak into the bricks, potentially causing water damage to an unprotected home. This is yet another reason to hire professional installers. Roofing Group’s qualified brick siding experts will insure no water damage ever befalls your home.

Cost of Brick Veneer Siding

Traditional brick siding is expensive. So expensive that many modern homes with brick siding are actually brick veneer homes. A single brick veneer is about one quarter of the materials used to create a traditional brick. This fraction of materials used directly translates into a fraction of the cost for you. The cost is much more affordable and will by no means “break the bank”. Contact us to evaluate all of your siding options with the help of an expert installer. Our siding installers will be glad to go over each and every one of your questions or concerns. We understand that every home improvement project is a major deal and requires the UT-most attention to detail.


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