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Brick Siding installation and Repairs

Homes with brick siding exude a certain strength and lasting conviction that other siding options just can’t deliver. Timeless appeal and proving it can stand the test of time make brick siding a top choice, no matter the generation. Faux brick, or brick veneer siding, has also become highly sought after recently. Brick veneer siding provides homeowners with the complete look and feel of brick, but in a more manageable application at a lower price. As opposed to being full sized bricks the veneer is basically a slimmed down version using thin bricks. Brick veneer can be applied directly over your current home siding. That means no mess and your home never goes without siding, not even for a minute.

Brick Veneer Siding


Pros of Brick Siding

  • Lasts the lifetime of the building
  • Is available in multiple color and sizes.
  • Extremely durable
  • Requires no maintenance other than the occasional hosing down

Cons of Brick Siding

  • Has a high cost of installation
  • Must be installed by a professional

After looking over the pros and cons it’s easy to see why so many homeowners have chosen to install brick siding and brick veneer siding on their homes. As is typically the case, you get what you pay for.

How Much Does Brick Siding Cost?

Brick siding is not cheap. It is a heavy, kiln made material that requires expert installation. We at Roofing Group want to offer all of our customers the best quality craftsmanship at the most competitive prices. Our expert brick siding installers, or masons,  will provide guidance for you through each and every step of purchasing your brick siding. Starting with getting the best price and ending with the best installation. Imagine your home conveying rich character and historic appeal, imagine your home with brick siding.


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