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Pros and Cons of Aluminum Siding

Aluminum Siding Installation and Repair

Today’s homeowners want 4 major things in their siding options: Quality, durability, appearance and affordability.  It just so happens aluminum siding offers all of theses positives with very few negatives.  When aluminum siding was first introduced, about 60 years ago, it solved many problems other siding options presented.  Rotting, water leakage and termites became a complete thing of the past.  Now, don’t think that installing aluminum siding will by any means “downgrade” the appearance of your home. The truth is quite the contrary. Recent advances in its manufacturing  have brought about beautiful siding options.

Just like every breakthrough in technology, aluminum siding has only become better with age. And the truly wonderful thing about this metal siding is the price!  The overall value is staggering.

  • Will not rot
  • Does not retain moisture like stucco has been known to do
  • Life expectancy of 40 years
  • Extremely affordable siding option
  • Looks fantastic

aluminum siding install

Types of Aluminum Siding

There are four main types of aluminum siding. Each one has slightly different characteristics and widths.

Double 4″ Horizontal

Provides a narrow width and wood grain finish. Very “traditional home” friendly.

Double 5″ Horizontal

Because it is slightly larger than it’s 4″ counterpart, this type of metal siding works great with larger homes. Wood grain.

Single 8″ Horizontal

Clapboard with a wide profile. Lends itself to contemporary and traditional homes exquisitely. Offered in smooth and wood grain finishes.

12″ Vertical

aluminum siding contractor
aluminum siding contractor

AKA “Board and Batten”. This siding offers a rustic appeal when used to cover the entire home. Offered in smooth and wood grain finishes.

Contact us to have an expert aluminum siding installer come to your home and fully explain the benefits each and every one of these siding options. During your free estimate your siding contractor will present you with samples of all of your choices, giving you the knowledge to make the best decision for your home.

Price of Aluminum Siding

Installing aluminum siding can keep your pockets fat and your home beautiful. When it comes to comparing all of your siding options, the average cost of aluminum siding is priced very moderately. It is not the cheapest, but far from the priciest. Aluminum siding contractor offers the most competitive prices while maintaining our commitment to quality.


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