Roofing Price Per Square

Roofing Price per square getting started

Roofing Price Per Square

Getting Started with Price Per Square

All the numbers supplied with the Price Per Square program are for example only. You must enter your own numbers !

The Total Price Per Square tab manages the other 3 tabs and produces totals based on roof pitch and Optionally:

Roof removal, Sheathing and Tax

You define the headings for different roof types in the top row in this grid. (Red Outline) Changes made here will be copied to the headings in all grids

All grids contain different colors of cells to aid in entering your data
You can enter data in all the light gray and calculator cells
The white and yellow cells are system maintained.

The first time you use Price Per Sq Calculator enter prices per square for labor, materials, overhead, roof removal, cleanup.

Select Labor-Tearoff tab at the top of the program. Here you will enter your prices per square for installing roofing materials, OSB and roof removal

Select the Material Prices tab. Here you enter your material prices per square

Select Profit, Overhead tab. Here you will enter your prices for Profit, Overhead and clean up per square.


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