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Using quick bid for roof estimates

Using Roof Calculator Writer Roof Bidding Software

Using Quick Bid for Roof Estimates

On the RoofCalcWriter toolbar click this button to open Quick Bid
We have improved Quick Bid in this version to allow saving items you use on every job or use often. Enter your items and prices and click the save button and the items will be available to include in every job.
When saving your estimate Quick Bid will be saved with your units and Total.
Use this quick bid when entering roof measurements is un-wanted.
Enter extras or options to include with your bid.

You can drag this window to any position and it will be remembered.

The copy to Extras Button is only for Per Square Pricing mode. To use for your extras in your Job Cost grid click the copy to extras button.

You may not want to add roof measurements for:
Leak repairs
Dry-rot repairs
Any roof repairs
Use it for anything you want to have saved record of, that can be recalled with just a couple clicks.

Be aware that using quick bid and entering roof calculations you could end up with more than 1 bid price !
Use for bids that do not involve calculations.


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