Managing your roofing price list

Using Roof Calculator and Roof Bidding Software
Managing Your Roofing Price List

We have added many helpful calculators to aid in entering data.
Different screens use different calculators.
The Price List we have provided is for example only .
Replace with your roofing material descriptions and prices.
Your roofing price list is classified into sections.
The example below shows the Metals-Flashings section. You can delete, make new or rename these sections as follows:

1. Rename a section: Delete the name and type in a new name and click the save icon .

2. Delete a section: Delete the name and click the save icon.

3. Make a New section: Click the Clear Icon then Delete the name and type in a new name and click the save icon In all cases the message box below will confirm your action.

Notes: You cannot edit or rename the section “All Materials” You must have a least one section other than “All Materials”

The refresh button is used to refill your saved list if desired. When adding items from your price list to your Material Detail Cost they are removed from from your Price List (Not permanently) as to avoid duplicates being added.

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