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Usb Flash Drive Backup

We have made it easy to keep your data safe by providing a means to copy your data to a Usb flash drive with just a button click. Another button click restores your data. Simply plug in a flash drive into your Usb drive and click the backup buttons. Selecting overwrite changed files will only overwrite files that have changed. If unchecked all files will be overwritten.

Automatically Updating
Selecting Automatically update files means the bid files (estimates) and data files you create are also saved to your Flash drive. Whenever you create or change a file the file will be in 2 locations. Your desktop and your flash drive.

Notes: Buy a Name brand flash drive (We like SanDisk) Does not have to be U3 compliant. Bid files are estimates or bids the you create with the RoofCalWriter program. Data files are files that are used each time you use the RoofCalcWriter program. These include Material price list, Price per Square prices, Job Cost Templates, Your address book etc

You will be warned if you do not have a flash drive plugged in
You will be warned if your flash drive is out of usable space. Folders are created on your flash called BidFileBackups and FileBackups. You cannot have two flash drives plugged in that contain these folders at the same time.

Other uses Usb Flash Drive:
Install the RoofCalWriter program on a laptop and transfer the files to your desktop with a button click. Install the RoofCalWriter program on your home computer and copy your bids there. Backup other data you have on your computer.
* The Roof Calculator program must be installed using the download setup program to other computers.

Steps to take after your computer has died and your system is back :
Download the run the RoofCalcWriter setup program. Click the restore bid files button. Click the Restore data files button. (Uncheck the Overwrite changed files) You are back just like nothing happened.

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