Roof Cleaning

4 - Stage Roof Cleaning

Roof cleaning is something that can transform an old tired roof to its former glory. Roof cleaning is undertaken as the initial stage of roof restoration however, sometimes with terracotta tiles, this is all that is required to change the look if your home completely.

1- Roof Restore

Over time moss and lichen can grow on terracotta tiles making the unsightly, with an overall dirty look.  Roof cleaning can restore them, back to their original condition.

2- Damage roof guttering

An environmentally friendly biodegradable sterilizing solution is applied to loosen the moss and lichen, and kill any spores that may be embedded in the tile. Be careful of harsh chemicals and acids used prior to roof cleaning as this will damage your guttering and surrounding surfaces.

3- Roof water cleaner

cleaning roof shingles
cleaning roof shingles

The roof cleaning is then undertaken with a high pressure water cleaner.  Specialized techniques are required to ensure no internal damage is caused. Once the roof cleaning is complete the roof and surrounding areas (including neighbours if required) are rinsed clean.

4- Roofing trade experience

Roof cleaning can be very popular with people considering selling their property, due to the hugely transformed street appeal.  At Roof cleaning we have almost 20 years trade experience in roof cleaning, tried and trusted techniques everytime.


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