How to Choice the suitable Roof for your home?

Choosing the Correct Roof Type

The roof types have their specifics and do not always fit your construction plan, your geographic location or sometimes your budget as well. Thus choosing the right kind of roof for your home is an important task. The most popular Roof Type are – gable, shed or flat roof.

Roofing Features, advantages and drawbacks

The gable roof comprises of two surfaces of equal slopes facing each other. On the two other sides there are two flat surfaces which are just sequels of the wall of the house. With one of these flat surfaces, the front entrance of the house is generally at the same side. The pith of such roofs are typically in between 4/12 and 10/12. Anything more than this, would result in a very steep gable roof. It is very popular in European and western countries.

These areas have temperate weather and thus the roofs must act as an insulator from heat as well as cold. The gable roof is good for such climate as it ensures ample air in between the sloped surfaces and the actual ceiling of the house. For areas having snowfalls the Gable roof is an ideal choice. The top of the house is fully covered by the sloped surfaces so that the snow stays on it for long thus reducing the problems with moisture.

The next type of roof is the flat roof which is very, very cool. In hot summers you can use your roof as a large sized terrace. In recent years the green roof has become very popular which are basically the flat type of roof? In areas receiving heavy rainfall and snow this roof type would require bit more investments in insulation and drainage system. Insulation is important if you are in a very hot area because of no air between the roof and your ceiling.

Now, the shed roof which is a simple roof having a single sloped surface. It takes care of the problem of snow and drainage. It also provides some insulation area. Houses with shed roof, also called lean-to roof, looks strange so it’s usually used in garden buildings like sheds and garages. The mountain huts would look great with such roof. There are also some other roof types apart from these and they are – gambrel, mansard, hip, bonnet, cross gabled and more.


Now as you have learnt about the various Roof Type, remember that the pitch of the roof is very important for the quality of the roof and also the quantity of materials used in it.


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